“To fully transform the real estate sector of Pakistan.”


Our story began with Mr. Shafiq Akbar’s dream of transforming Pakistan’s real estate sector. Spending a decade and a half creating a stellar reputation in the UK real estate market through his projects there, he returned to his homeland to bring about a change here, by establishing standards of professionalism and transparency. Through the platform of Imarat Group of Companies, he successfully introduced a holistic model to revamp Pakistan’s Real Estate., Pakistan’s 1st online real estate marketplace, Agency21 International, the country’s first nationwide estate agency, and PropSure Digital Solutions, a first-of-its-kind digital initiative focused on the digitisation of urban land records in Pakistan, are multiple platforms that provide intelligent and secure facilitation to anyone looking to buy, sell, rent, and invest in property in Pakistan. Truth and honesty have remained the core values of the Imarat Group. Our historical associations go far back in time: the first milestone achieved was the development of Raja Market in Raja Bazar, the foundation stones of which were laid by Raja Afsar Ali in the 1950s. The development journey has not stopped since! Currently, the Imarat Group has various ongoing projects, including luxury condominiums, uniquely themed malls, a builders’ mall for a one-stop solution for all construction needs, and international hotels. We have been successfully delivering value to our shareholders and clients, as well as generating employment through our key businesses that are supported by external engagements.


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Current Offices: 50+
100+ Offices (2022 end)
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4-step verification process

Ownership & Approvals

Real estate dealings may be fraught with difficulties and legal concerns based on various factors. Before making an investment, it is critical to verify that the land has been properly and completely acquired, and all necessary approvals have been processed. At Imarat, we focus on risk assessment and mitigation through intensive due diligence that drives the highest levels of compliance in the industry – our trademark.

Demand & Delivery

The secret to success in commercial projects is straightforward – hosting the right mix of brands to best satisfy the flourishing appetites of Pakistan’s fast-growing & increasingly prosperous population. To maximise the revenue potential of each project, a thorough commercial feasibility, including market analysis and space planning is critical. Our Group has been delivering real estate excellence in the UK and Pakistan for more than 15 years and our expertise lies in real estate development, leasing and management. Our local and international corporate leasing teams begin working on a project while it is still at the concept stage, in order to attract the very best blend of local & international brands. Our aim is to create iconic commercial projects that become desirable destinations with an enduring appeal.


Commerical Projects


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Satisfied Clients
Ideal Locations

The three most important factors in the success of a project are location, location & location. But how do the professionals at Imarat approach real estate development site selection? We have a dedicated panel of over 200 town planners, real estate professionals and data scientists, the largest such team in Pakistan. This dynamic group undertakes extensive research on every single project before finalizing its feasibility, using more than one hundred demographic and economic variables. This focus on the collection, organization, mining, and utilization of data gives the Imarat Group a capability advantage over our competitors all across Pakistan.

400% Appreciation

The ability to forecast accurately is fundamental in real estate development. The data capability that Imarat has developed is completely unique – as a result, all our commercial units are projected to grow by four hundred percent in ten years from their launch. Our world-class financial team specializes in real estate modelling, forecasting and planning, which is why our existing projects such as Amazon Outlet Mall and Imarat Builders Mall are already exceeding these projections.

Imarat Hospitality

IMARAT hospitality is a disruptive and dynamic group envisioning to elevate and redefine the hospitality & tourism sector of Pakistan. With a mission to build a collection of globally recognized brands, IMARAT Hospitality has joined hands with Marriott International to provide a contemporary bespoke service for absolute fulfillment.

Slated to open in the middle of 2023, Residence Inn by Marriott and Courtyard by Marriott brands will grace the city of Islamabad, overlooking the magnificent amalgamation of nature and bustling urban life.

Imarat Industries