January 11, 2022

From Smart Cities to Metaverse

In the race towards the future, governments had been making efforts for smart cities until they encountered ‘metaverse’. Cities, particularly in developing countries, are transitioning from analogue/conventional platforms to digital platforms. However, as ‘metaverse’ is going to be the new ecosystem for various interactions and a new target for various cities and states to accomplish. It seems that innovations in technology will keep on providing cities with new goals and the quest for attaining new targets will continue. It will not be long until our surroundings will be marked by the presence of robots and the marvels of Artificial Intelligence (AI). through this blog highlights a phenomenon ‘From Smart Cities to Metaverse’, a phenomenon that represents the transition of cities from smart cities (powered by the internet) to the hypothetical yet real cities powered by Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR).

Tenets of Multiverse

What defines metaverse is the creation of virtual spaces which incorporates the substantial use of virtual and augmented reality to create a parallel universe. Metaverse is the merger of physical and virtual worlds. The multiverse will be known for the hefty usage of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Digital Twins for interacting in the new virtual spaces. The concept is edging closer to reality and once it reaches its final stages the inhabitants of the cities will live in a virtual world. South Korea has created hype after the mayor of City Seoul through its digital avatar announced that Seoul is developing a comprehensive plan for becoming a part of the metaverse. The local government of the city has the ambition of attaining ‘contactless communication’ by the end of 2022.

Hypothetical Cities

Metaverse will be no less than