December 31, 2021 hosts Annual Lunch 2021

In order to appreciate and mark the hard work of the team members, on Sunday hosted Annual Lunch – 2021.

The event was graced by the presence of CEO Mr. Shafiq Akbar, President Advisory Board, Lt Gen. (R) Muhammad Haroon Aslam, Group Director, Mr. Farhan Javed, and Mr. Arslan Javed.

While speaking to the audience, CEO Mr. Shafiq Akbar was of the view that with hard work and dedication new heights of success can be attained. Furthermore, he stated that with the collective efforts of the real estate sector of the country has been revolutionised.

On the occasion, Group Director, Mr. Farhan Javed appreciated the efforts of team members and stated that despite the pandemic proved its mettle in the real estate sector. He was also of the view that success can only be achieved through teamwork.

Similarly, Arslan Javed said that the root cause of all successes of the company were the hardworking team members.

As a token of appreciation, shields were distributed among the hardworking team members of the company.