The mission of Imarat Group, under the dynamic leadership of its chairman Mr. Shafiq Akbar, is to fully transform the real estate sector of Pakistan. The Group aspires to implement this change through transparent practice and carefully crafted regulations that diminish malpractices in the sector. As a prelude to making inroads into the Pakistan sector, the Group management has behind it vast experience culled through international projects; the same models of development are being applied in the local market.

In addition to our dedication towards developing and offering a range of high-quality products and services, we are also committed to working with the government and other stakeholders in the private sector and academia. The core values of integrity and honesty upheld by the Imarat Group are reflected down to the grassroots level, adding value to the noble cause of community development.


“To fully transform the real estate sector of Pakistan.”


Our story began with Mr. Shafiq Akbar’s dream of transforming Pakistan’s real estate sector. Spending a decade and a half creating a stellar reputation in the UK real estate market through his projects there, he returned to his homeland to bring about a sea change here, by establishing standards of professionalism and transparency. Through the platform of Imarat Group of Companies, he successfully introduced a holistic model to revamp Pakistan’s Real Estate.

‘Graana.com’, Pakistan’s 1st online real estate marketplace, ‘Agency21 International’, the country’s first nationwide estate agency, and PropSure ‘Digital Solutions’, a first-of-its-kind digital initiative focused on the digitisation of urban land records in Pakistan, are multiple platforms that provide intelligent and secure facilitation to anyone looking to buy, sell, rent, and invest in property in Pakistan.

Truth and honesty have remained the core values of the Imarat Group. Our historical associations go far back in time: the first milestone achieved was the development of Raja Market in Raja Bazar, the foundation stones of which were laid by Raja Afsar Ali in the 1950s. The development journey has not stopped since! Currently, the Imarat Group has various ongoing projects including luxury condominiums, uniquely themed malls, a builders’ mall for a one-stop solution for all construction needs, and international hotels. We have been successfully delivering value to our shareholders and clients, as well as generating employment through our key businesses that are supported by external engagements.


  • Integrity: We believe in honesty, professionalism and transparency. Integrity towards the organisation is a core value and is expected of all working for the Group.
  • Respect: We advocate a strong culture of respect amongst all members of our work family. This is because we understand that respect is an integral part of all relationships.
  • Innovation: We are the agents of change and progression. Our people are our drivers of innovation. Adaptation of new operations techniques and continuously finding newer and more innovative ways of work has always been our way forward.
  • Drive: We channel energy, motivation and momentum – our drive comes from within.


Our human resource is one of the major drivers of the Group’s excellent performance. We realise that the most important asset of any organisation is its people! We are ambitious about the future, as we work together to carry forward our commitment to transform the real estate sector in Pakistan.

The rapid pace of transformation, both in the industry and in our organisation, requires people to be determined and resilient so that they can learn quickly, face challenges, identify opportunities, and drive and own outcomes. Adaptability is key at the Imarat Group. As our Group evolves, we continue to lay emphasis on those qualities and traits that served the Group well through its voyage – having a culture of passionate people who lead and encourage each other. We want our organisation to be built on visionary people, who form motivated teams and create an exceptional work environment.