Our Journey
and The legacy

Upholding values of honesty and trust to deliver the best in real estate has been our greatest accolade. The foundation of the famous Raja Market located in Raja Bazar, being the first milestone of our journey, was laid down by Raja Afsar Ali Khan after the independence of Pakistan in the 1950s, and the development journey hasn’t stopped since.

Starting in the inspirational streets of London, we have been delivering real estate excellence for more than 17 years. As a real estate development group, we have successfully completed more than 55 projects (remodeling & development) in a very competitive market of the United


Our Group has started 15 real estate projects since 2016 in the most sought-after areas of Pakistan. With a country club as well as a business district, we have been able to launch 4 hotels and 2 luxury apartment complexes (Golf Floras & IMARAT Residences) in the capital city alone.

Our Corporate social responsibility

A sustainability first approach


We rise by lifting others.

For IMARAT, corporate social responsibility retains an intrinsic commitment to our community, our environment, and everything in between. It is our extended responsibility towards creating greener and more sustainable communities. Our entire construction portfolio promotes environment-friendly designs, materials, and procurements. CSR is the essence of our Jazba-e-Tameer where we seek to spread our light in the nooks and crannies of Pakistan. 

As the 8th most affected country by climate change, we believe it is important for the private sector to endorse eco-friendly development, green technology, and sustainable business models to mitigate climate change challenges in Pakistan. We maintain a holistic CSR portfolio that caters for underprivileged communities, school-going children, and budding young professionals through initiatives like TameerSeTaleem, STEAM Safeers, TaqdeerKiTameer, and so on. 

We recognize the need to protect the natural environment. Apart from legal obligations, our Group proactively protects the environment by adopting sustainable practices. We have successfully established the Iqbal Institute of Policy Studies (IIPS), an independent policy research institute entrusted with the mission to generate, propagate, and track public policies to achieve sustainable development goals in Pakistan. The Group Chairperson, Mr. Shafiq Akbar, actively supports non-profit organizations and movements to promote the cultural and economic development of local and global communities. During his time in the United Kingdom, Mr. Akbar was personally involved in many CSR related projects, including working with local authorities to name a street in the UK after the great Pakistani Humanitarian, Mr. Abdul Sattar Edhi. Our Group initiates and supports several environmental, community, and educational programs. We are actively working with the Prime Minister’s Office, Ministry of Environment, Capital Development Authority (CDA), Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA), Lahore Development Authority (LDA), Parks and Horticulture Authority of Punjab, and other organizations. We are also involved in projects of city beautification, road infrastructure, bridges, and intersections. We enthusiastically support the Prime Minister’s ‘Clean and Green Pakistan’ initiative. We are developing an Arabian Park on the Islamabad Expressway with the Capital Development Authority (CDA) to benefit various housing societies in the vicinity. Our Group is also responsible for remodeling and maintaining multiple sites in the Twin Cities.


The primary goals of the external audit are to confirm the sufficiency and fairness of the organization’s financial records and to determine if they are in accordance with the company’s policies and bylaws. Our external auditors critically evaluate the record books and if valid;  provide us with a reasonable level of assurance regarding the absence of any substantial misstatements in the financial statements.

Our People and Culture

We realize that the most important asset of any organization is its people! Our human resource is one of the Group’s excellent performance drivers. We are ambitious about the future as we work together to carry forward our commitment to transform the real estate sector in Pakistan.

The Human Resource Philosophy

The IMARAT Group Human Resource philosophy emphasizes commitment towards excellence in all aspects of operations. This focus on excellence encompasses a culture that encourages and supports professionalism in interactions amongst employees, stakeholders, customers, and public members. Employees are representatives of the organization in both internal and external interactions.

Our Group maintains a competent and diverse workforce. We also encourage opportunities for growth, expression of ideas, and work satisfaction through an atmosphere of appreciation and recognition. Therefore, the Group management strives to develop and maintain a positive work environment, which is needed to recruit and retain skilled and committed employees.

Our Guiding Principles

It is Group policy to conduct business in full compliance with Pakistan’s laws, rules and regulations, norms, customs, culture, and practices while adhering to the highest ethical standards as embodied in this document.
To this end, individuals and stakeholders are expected and directed to manage the Group’s business:
  •  With the highest ethical standards of integrity in conformity with the Code of Ethics and Business Conduct.
  •  By complying with all legal and regulatory requirements and
  •  In a manner that no disfavor will reflect on the Group, both on and off the job.
The Group’s policy is to ensure that no individual is associated with any practices that infringe upon human dignity and that the organization’s activities follow the highest standards of honesty, integrity, and professionalism. The purpose of the Group’s Code of Ethics and Business Conduct is to define the values that must be reflected by every individual associated with the Group.